The Real Universe



You have always existed. It is the world who hasn’t. The history of the universe, its Big Bang and age, its biology and natural laws, the concept of time and duality (The belief that there are people and objects out there in what it seems to be an external world) is a fiction invented by you (from your subconscious mind –Divine Mind point of view)

While you live in the illusion, this universe seems to be real. But you have left clues to remind yourself that this physical universe is not the real one. You have done this through inconsistencies in the fabrics of reality. Redundant riddles that are meant to have no explanation, although science have always tried to seek an answer for them. For example: Did you know that if you go back in time and count the number of your ancestors, this number will exceed by far, in just a few hundred of years, the amount of homo sapiens that science says have existed throughout the entire history of the universe? Has science gotten its math wrong? Or is this just Reality laughing of itself?

How can you explain the inconsistencies of Reality?

By realizing that this reality you think you live in is a fiction. A reality created by yourself-Nothing more and nothing less .

Your true reality is the Spiritual Reality of God. This world is only a set of symbols. The product of a divided mind, where your spiritual state determines whether the symbols the mind sees are representations of the Memory of God or the Ego. While our mind is split, the world we see is a nightmare that we attempt to change by repositioning form. But until an inner change does not take place, any action is pointless. The nightmare will return in just another form

Mr Special


Living in a paradise might be the last long-term goal for humanity but this does not necessarily mean that we are looking forward to adopt the lifestyle and mind-frame that could take us there. We believe that we can achieve that dream, with the same mentality that creates war. Even more, to change our mind frame from dualism to oneness could be really uncomfortable for many and some of us would rather stay living in the status quo before shifting our level of consciousness. For some personalities, the idea of all us being one is simply abominable. This is so, because we are in love with the notion of specialness: The idea that some of us are better than others in some special way.

Specialness could be based on social economic status, intellectual capacity, beauty or anything that supposedly makes you stand out from the crowd. While we are all unique people, we are not special at all. We have been created by the same source that is the essence of all of us. True, we come in a variety of races and cultures. Some us are more talented or skilled than others-in some areas. But the same people who we overmatch in sports, are the same people who overmatch us in chess. Each of us is unique, not better–there is a huge difference between the two words. Would you say that the Moon is better than the Sun? All ideas of specialness are artificial creations made by humanity—Mental memes that we repeat consciously and unconsciously ad nauseam. They could disappear in one generation if we stop believing and practicing the beliefs and behaviors that led us to them.

Unfortunately, Specialness is one of the main pillars of our societies and eliminating this concept from the face of Earth would destroy much of the merit systems and social economical classes. This, of course, would be unbearable for some of those who are at the higher end of the scale, the ones that derive their sense of identity on their supposed superiority. How can we then overcome specialness?

Perhaps understanding that we are not our social economic status, intellectual capabilities, possessions and titles. In other words: By removing ego out of the equation and seeing it for what it is: A fiction created by our mind.

This, of course, is better said than done. It takes re training your mind and commitment to shift the way you see the world. Moreover, if you are very comfortable and happy where you are now, chances are you will not be willing to do what it takes. You are just too happy and too comfy being Mr or Ms Special. It takes a firm belief that specialness is one of the recipes to disaster, to start changing our long-held beliefs.

God’s Way



There are many ways in life, but not all of them will bring you peace. Some of them, may even make you enemies. The only way to succeed in life, while simultaneously be at peace, is following God’s way.

But what is God’s way?

It always varies  according to the circumstance, but here is a hint:

Among all the possible choices, God’s way is the only one that will bring you peace. It may go against the ways of the world and it may clash with your own ego and what people believe is the best for you.  Sometimes following God’s way will make you feel that you are being a fool. You may think that your interests are in jeopardy and that is up to you to defend them. You may think that if you follow God’s way, you would perish. Nothing farther from the truth: God’s way will always bring you good in the long run. God knows better than you, your own interests. He knows the ways and the shortcuts to take you where you want to be.

Why would you defend your interests  if this action could bring you even more trouble? Step aside and let God play his magic. God will always work for you if you don’t interfere with your opinion and your ways.

Here are some nice words to repeat through your day:

I don’t know the route and I ask for your guidance.

Guide me.

Inspire my actions and let them have the best possible outcome for everyone involved.

And then trust.

God will always work for you.


Success in common hours


Henry David Thoreau once said: “If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours”

To advance confidently in the direction of your dreams and endeavor to live the life, which you have always imagined, you need to access your best self: Your Higher Self. Emulating God’s characteristics on Earth is the only way to do this. All other shortcuts will take you to ephemeral prosperity and short termed happiness. A life devoted to love and service guarantees that once your dreams come true, they do not evaporate. A life devoted to love and service, guarantees a life fulfilled with meaning. A life devoted to love and service is your divine duty. Your dharma, your purpose in life, is always in one way or another about love and service.



A Pair of New Eyes


It is very common to justify the resentment we feel with some people and events, saying things like: “It’s normal. Anger and rancor are very human.”
Indeed. It is normal to feel angry at times.   What is wrong is to give vent to those violent instincts. The unhealthy thing is to stick to that anger and turn it into resentment. What is harmful is when you extend that negative emotion, beyond its natural life span. Even more noxious is when you intentionally recreate the reasons that you think you have to be upset, again and again, just to feed your resentment.

You may not know it, but with resentment, the one who gets injured, is yourself. You are the one who gets poisoned. You are the one that unknowingly sows the seeds for future ailments and misfortunes. Resentment is nothing more than the cancer of the soul.

We can all feel a wide range of emotions. Our emotions are, as Abraham Hicks accurately states in their teachings, the mechanism that guides us in our alignment with God. The more positive the emotion, the closer we are to our divine source. Under this perspective, our emotions are an excellent guide and resource to know where we are standing. It is fortunate to have this mechanism. Without emotions we would not have an idea where we are heading.

The questions one must ask are:

When it comes to negative emotions: What is healthy? What is toxic?

The healthy thing is to experience negative emotions and acknowledge them. The toxic thing is to stick to them and play them in our mind, again and again.
Think about how absurd it would be if you were laughing at a joke for years; recreating it everyday in your head and laughing nonstop. Silly, right? On the other hand: Would you be able to maintain extreme joy without any kind of modulation or variation for several days? Typically these emotions have their peak and then, they gradually disappear. We are able to recognize how ridiculous it would be to laugh at the same joke for a lifetime. We are able to acknowledge that it is impossible to remain in a state of euphoria continuously. However, we fail to recognize, that it is just as absurd to stick to anger and sadness.

Why do we do it?

Anger makes us feel special and superior. We need to be the hero of our own soap opera. We need to turn the others, in the antagonists. We need that unique personal Greek tragedy that makes us feel the hero and protagonist. We look for a thousand rationalizations to validate our sickening resentment. But only those who live in the past are able to resent so much. Those who live in the past are unable to see a brand new day.

I am not saying your personal story is worthless. What I am doing is inviting you to leave it behind your past and start living again, in the present.

Let’s understand this, once and for all: We are not our past.

What happened before is just the trace of what we’re living but not the engine that takes us to the future. The engine that takes us to the future is the present. Every time you invest energy recalling unpleasant events, you condemn yourself to the repetition of similar experiences. Every time you label people, without giving them the opportunity to be what they are, you condemn yourself, over and over again.

Why do we feel that our life is a constant repetition of the same characters and events?
Because we live stuck in the past, especially when this past is negatively charged. If you feel the victim of your own soap opera, I assure you this: You will remain in that world, until the day you die. The characters may change, but the circumstances around you will remain the same.

Today, make a commitment to look at your life and yourself through the eyes of the present moment. Today, be honest with yourself and think about how many people, you still see with the eyes of the past. When we learn to see each day, with a pair of new eyes, new stories will unfold around us.


The Recipe for Peace


You don’t need to believe in metaphysical concepts to understand that for any attack or perceived offense, love is absolutely the only possible answer. This is not about being a hippie or an idealist new ager with impossible dreams.

Even from a “realistic-practical” point of view/approach, war can only engender more war. A few hours before Paris attacks, I received a notification from my news app, alerting me that Jihadi John was likely killed in an airstrike. End of story for the Isis front man who beheaded hostages during the infamous series of video taped beheading in 2014.
A couple hours later, I was bombarded by the notifications of what appeared to be at the moment , one single attack in Paris. I must admit that at first, I dismissed the notification. I don’t like to read negative news because I believe that the more attention we give to these kind of events, the more they expand. But as hours passed, and the magnitude of what was taking place was more than evident, I realized that once more, hate creates more hate. I am deeply saddened by the senseless lost of lives and my heart is with the victims and their families. But at this point, I must ask: Is our world any safer without Osama Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi and all of these so called “villains” that have been killed in recent years, to make our world a safer world? I remember when I was a kid, the Soviet Union and Pablo Escobar and his Medellin Cartel, were the big threats. Then came Saddam and then the first gulf war, later Al Qaeda and Saddam again. Now that Al Qaeda has been “neutralized”, Isis and its propaganda is the big enemy, and I can assure you that once this organization is annihilated, another enemy will surface. Soon we will run out of enemies and we will have to look for them in outer space.

Who is then, the real enemy? A group of nations with war as a hobby? A religion with a proneness to terror? What kind of strategy can we create, in order to prevent more terror? I believe the real enemy is the Ego and the best strategy to deal with it is love. On a micro level (our lives) our obsession with possessions,status, boundaries, separation, telling people what to do, what to think and what to believe, creates drama and disastrous relationships. On a macro and collective level, ego creates war. This is the reason why all all peace keeping endeavors have failed. They are based in separation and keeping a set of rules and beliefs in place. The biggest lesson that the humankind has failed to understand is that the only way to achieve peace is letting people be. Even if you don’t like their ideas, their ways: let them be and they won’t mess with you. This is the recipe for peace in the world.
Everyone is in their own, unique pathway. Attempting to impose our ways and ideas on others, is what creates hells on Earth. Who cares if they don’t believe in your God? Who cares if they don’t share your ideas of how the world and society should be run? Do you really own that piece of land? Can you take it with you when you are gone? Why do you care so much about your status when people rarely think about you? Whatever happens in our external world is a reflection of our beliefs and how we run our life in a smaller scale. The only way to change the world begins with one person at a time, letting others be. That is the best way to practice unconditional love and it begins with you.


The Commander-in-Chief


Let me ask you the following questions: Who are you? Are you your body? If one of your arms is amputated: Are you still being you?

Of course you are.

Perhaps, you would say something like: Here goes my arm! But it would be, you, regardless of the fact that a piece of your body had been severed. How about if both of your legs were severed? An unfortunate event, but your sense of identity wouldn’t have been diminished. What would happen if both of your arms were severed along with your legs? You become a torso with a head. But it would be you.

What would happen if you lose your head?

Then you would die. Of course.

Does that mean we are our head? Does it mean that our true self is actually the brain? Are we just a slimy and wet gray mass who pretends to be a person?

This is who we are:

We are the ghost in the machine. We are the commander-in-chief: The one who tells the brain what to do, what causes neurons to fire, the one that creates neuronal pathways and the one who tells the brain what to think. The brain is just the tool that the broadcast uses to express itself through physical reality. The brain is like a radio device: It interprets the signal of The Divine Mind.

If the device is broken, the broadcast cannot express through the brain, let alone through the body. When the radio device is broken, the broadcast goes somewhere else: It does not cease to exist.

You, my dear friend, are the broadcast.

That body you love so much, that brain that you attribute so much power, they are merely tools for your true self.

You are The Divine Mind: The ghost in the machine.



pablo (19)

You have to believe. If you do not believe your own story, no one will ever do. Believing is the tool that alters the space-time. Believing is the force that takes probabilities and translate them into tangible and physical events. Among the different possibilities that coexist simultaneously, you are the one who decide which one becomes real. You may think this is obvious. For any potential decision there is an outcome. But it is more than that. Whenever you decide upon a subject or as you choose to believe into anything, you are actually choosing from a pool of parallel universes. You can literally jump from one universe into another with the power of your belief. This is not science fiction and eventually science will be able to prove that there are multiple realities coexisting and intersecting at each time. But all of these possible realities, share the same author: You.

Everyday, just ask yourself:

What do I believe in?


Our Daily War


Every day of your life, you can choose between love and war. Maybe you do not realize this. You may think that war only involves a conflict between two nations. Yet, every time you decide to hold grudges and live embittered by what you consider are the slurs and calumnies of others: You are opting for war. When you feel the need to ascertain that your judgment is the right one: You are picking a war. When you do everything possible to discredit the opinion of your brothers: You are harvesting a war. When you sacrifice a relationship on behalf of your so-called honor: You are announcing a war. When you perceive your brother, as competition to annihilate: You are cherry-picking a war. When your mouth opens fire and when your mind dwells in negative thoughts: You are crafting a war. When you decide to focus on the negative and ignore your blessings: You are attracting a war.

What you disregard unknowingly, is that this war that you create is a crime against yourself. You see people in your mind and you believe they are the addressees of your attack. You believe they are “the others” that you must destroy with your opinions, prosecutions and convictions. But just wait a few days, and sometimes, only a matter of minutes, and you will grasp that your trials and convictions return to you: An inconvenient, an accident, an illness, a change of fortune, etc.

Then, you complain that your life is a concoction of good spells and bad intervals.

Then you think, “Poor me, I’m the victim of the world.”

You do not realize that a mixture of ingredients can only produce a blend of flavors.

You do not realize that you are the perpetrator and the victim.

You still do not recognize what you are doing: What you say and think, determines your future experiences: And this is not a divine punishment.

There is only one being, even if you see a thousand images taking place simultaneously. You may have two arms and they may think they are two different beings. One day the left arm decides to attack the right arm because its honor has been blemished. The left arm grabs a machete and with a single stroke, cuts the right arm. The left arm thinks that it has emerged victorious from a conflict and that it has restored its dignity, avenging its pride; only to die several days later because gangrene has invaded the rest of the body. The left arm had failed to understand that although its senses had told it otherwise, both arms were part of the same organism.

Every day, consider who is the recipient of your war.

Today, you have the opportunity, to choose between repeating hell and sowing the seeds for a better future.

You can decide, whether you follow your spirit, or if you keep practicing the ways of the world.


Days of Past and Future

time is infinite universe electricity

Imagination is the blueprint of reality and where the creative process begins. When you think and imagine, you are actually molding reality at its most primary levels. This is why the quality of your thoughts is so important: Your thoughts and emotions are shaping your future experiences. There is a correlation between the balance of your thoughts and the reality you are experiencing. Most of the times, when we use our mind, we use it to replay the past or to dwell in imagined fears about the future. We pay attention to what others are experiencing and we make assumptions, being the most common one: This could happen to me too. The truth is that whatever happens to you, happens because you have allowed it with the power of your beliefs

Dwelling in your past will make you waste mental energy and most likely you will end up remembering things that will make you feel guilty or powerless. Use the past, only for practical purposes and for the retrieval of happy memories. Stop noticing other people’s realities unless it is something that you would like to see replicate in yourself. With this I do not mean living in a cave, away from interaction with people and their problems. What I mean is to stop paying obsessive attention to problems. The more attention you give to problems, the more you empower them. Sometimes the best thing you could do is to let things be and let God guide you through your darkest hours.

Stop imagining a dreadful future. The blunt truth is that tomorrow you may be dead, and that “terrible” future that you are so afraid of, as a natural consequence, will never arrive. The only moment you have is the Now and that is the place where you build your tomorrows, not anywhere else. You may have an idea of where you are heading. But do not exchange what you already have, for that which is in the realm of possibilities. And what you already have is the present: Nothing more, nothing less. This will add enormous amount of power to your mind. Empowered thoughts lead to creativity and this is how you start building gorgeous realities.